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I've been a working Mom, and I've been a stay-at-home Mom...... and working is easier! I've been a stay-at-home Mom for nearly 4 years and I am only NOW learning.... I'VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG! Each day, (well, most days anyway) I'll be attempting some mundane "housewife" duty that I'm not used to or has changed or that I've only just realized I've been doing wrong. I hope to entertain at least a few people and maybe help someone else who is going through what i'm going through....

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Life in Pajamas.

it's ok to be jealous.  or think i'm crazy.  but I believe that being comfortable should be at the top of the priorities list when it comes to our appearance.  I don't care if I look like a slob.  im comfy in my jammies!  most people would be very UNcomfortable going around town in their sleep wear.  I understand that.  many of my friends won't even leave the house without make-up on.  to do so would make them uncomfortable.  I don't want them to be uncomfortable.  so they should do that.  if wearing an evening gown everywhere you go makes you comfortable - GO FOR IT!  I support and applaud everyone being comfortable!  and I am glad I don't know any nudists.  lol.

so each and every day I get dressed into pajamas. 

here's the deal.  i'm a housewife.  i'm a mom.  i'm a pet owning, dish washing, towel folding, dinner cooking, Kroger shopping woman.  other than the pet owning, I do not enjoy these things.  but I've always been a free spirit and being a housewife/SAHM provides me with a freedom that a 9-5 can't.  but all magic comes at a price!  if I decide to sleep in today - I must work overtime tomorrow.  and i'm also on call 24/7.  but still, I dig it.

so in order to do all those things, I need to be comfortable. like i'm going to stand and do dishes in a blouse and high heels?  heck no.  my jeans are ill fitting these days (see future post about exercise) so they are tight around what used to be my waist.  when I bend over to pick up the floor, they dig in my belly and it hurts!  I can't even sit around doing nothing in uncomfortable clothes!  what do I need to be comfortable?  a baggy t-shirt, and men's pajama pants.  and my flip flops (weather permitting.)  ill fitting or tight clothes make me feel bad about myself.  which depresses me.  which makes me sleepy. which requires pajamas.  so why not keep the pajamas on and get some shit done? 

and I also think it's fair to note - where I keep my bras.

I have many old bras that don't fit anymore.  why do I keep them?  I'm not sure.  unfortunately i''m quite certain my breasts won't shrink.  ya know how they say that a good friend is like a good bra?  never lets you down and always offers support?  well, maybe old bras are like old friends.  can't let them go cuz I remember all the good times.  anyway - those bras are upstairs in a drawer.  it's their retirement I guess. 

the bras that do fit me (most of them) are in my broom closet in the kitchen.  what?  you don't keep your bras in the kitchen?  *GASP*.   ha ha.  being as i'm a stay at home mom and don't leave the house that much.... I don't wear a bra much.  i'm at the point where I don't care how saggy my tits get.  when I get old I will either go to a plastic surgeon and have them fixed, or i'll throw them over my shoulders so I don't trip on them.  I don't care.  my boobs failed me when they wouldn't feed my kids.  they  caught me a husband.  they even helped me make extra tips at the bar in my younger years.  (to clarify - I was a bartender, not a dancer.  I wore low cut shirts is all).  but now.... they are just there. 

so when I find myself sitting around the house why wear a bra?  why have the underwire digging into my ribs?  the heck with it.  take that baby off.  since I've only worn it for an hour or so... it doesn't need washed yet.... hang it in the broom closet!  why walk it all the way upstairs?  if company stops by i'll need it handy so I can put it back on.  hang it on the chair or toss it over the back of the couch and it tends to make people uncomfortable.  my bestie (who is also my wife - an entry for another day) found one hanging on a door handle once and asked if she could use it to carry her groceries in.  (it was really a good time.  I stuffed it with apples and cans of pop and made her wear it around the house).  we have only 2 closets downstairs.  the hall closet by the front door didn't seem like a good place to keep them as it's right by the front door and that closet is already full.  so the broom closet is is! 

in conclusion- if you see me out and about in my pajamas.... please understand it is just my work clothes.  no different from seeing a nurse in scrubs or a lawyer in a suit.  i'll look forward to seeing you in an evening gown.
and if you are at my house and find yourself needing a broom.... it's in the dining room.  the broom closet is full.

up next - I don't know.  I feel that I should clarify how I have a wife, three step-children and a granddaughter.  but I also feel a rant about pick-up and drop-off at the schools coming on..... and there is a sleep over here tonight.... hmmmm.

thanks, readers!  follow my page and share if you think others will enjoy it!

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  1. Love it Mary very true I never wear regular clothes unless I'm going somewhere, but as soon as i hit the door my clothes are off and comfy clothes back.