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1. I swear ... A LOT! I don't intend to offend people, but it happens.

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I've been a working Mom, and I've been a stay-at-home Mom...... and working is easier! I've been a stay-at-home Mom for nearly 4 years and I am only NOW learning.... I'VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG! Each day, (well, most days anyway) I'll be attempting some mundane "housewife" duty that I'm not used to or has changed or that I've only just realized I've been doing wrong. I hope to entertain at least a few people and maybe help someone else who is going through what i'm going through....

Friday, October 7, 2011

There's always gonna be another mountain... I'm always gonna wanna make it move.

I would never air all my dirty laundry on the Internet...... THIS laundry is all  nice and clean.  Wrinkly due to being in a heap for a few days.... but still, clean.  and please, don't judge our wrinkles.  we had more family time at some point and time because i put off the folding.  we'd rather be wrinkled together, than well pressed apart.  and no, i don't iron.  that would be a total waste of time for me unless someone has a job interview.  and i know that many of you do iron and can't stand to go out in wrinkly clothes.  please know i don't judge your well pressed clothes either.  you gotta follow your own laundry bliss.  we don't own an ironing board and the only iron we have is a travel iron someone gave us because they couldn't believe we didn't have one.  i think I've used it once and Blane has used it about 3 times..... in 8 years. 


Ladies and Gentlemen.... this is Mt. Laundry. (*CYMBAL CRASH*) I do laundry as seldom as possible.... so when I do, there's lots to do.  Mt. Laundry is located on the bed in our guest room.... also known as "grandad's room".  since he comes to stay about every other week, i know i have a deadline to get it all folded.  which is good motivation for me!  so this is where we start.  I usually turn on HGTV or some all day marathon of cold case files or law and order.  and i first begin to sort.....

Sorry for the strange angle.  but here's the sorting and how it goes.  to get to this point usually only takes me an hour.  but usually i don't fold as i go.  this day, i did.  this took me about 2 1/2 hours including time to stop occasionally and get the girls something or help with what ever.  folding as i go does not prolong or shorten the process.  it just depends on what i feel like that day.  i don't fold Blane's clothes very often besides matching his socks.  he hangs up all of his shirts and we don't fold pants the same way.... so i let him do his own and put it away.  i put everything else away.  which is my most hated part of laundry.  after the folding, we usually end up getting dressed out of the laundry baskets for at least 2 days.  when Blane doesn't put his clothes away.... this happens.....

ha ha ha.  joke is really on me because i have to rewash it all and clean the pounds of dog hair out of the dryer lint trap.  this is not the biggest Mt. Laundry we've ever had, nor the smallest.  i don't know why i do laundry this way... i just really can't make myself do one load a day or when the basket is full.  i also only sort whites from colors about twice a year.  and we're all OK with it.  due to us having no desire to have our clothes shrink, we wash everything on cold and dry on low.  any "dry clean only" clothes or "hand wash only" either stay at the store, or get washed anyway.  if they fall apart.... oh, well.  i look at dishes the same way.  if it can't go in the microwave or dishwasher, i don't have them.  it's as useful as a dog having a car.  i usually have to pump myself up for laundry day by singing "ain't no mountain high enough" or some other such motivational song about a mountain.  Blane won't fold laundry.  he HAS done it before.... but usually will just put them in the washer, to the dryer, and on to Mt. Laundry.  i forgive him this because a very long time ago we made a deal that if i never had to do yard work, he'd never have to do laundry.  but i DO wind up doing a little yard work and likewise, he helps with laundry.  fair is fair.  i realize that what I've written in this blog isn't very funny or helpful... but the pictures are funny (i think so anyway).  and i am sharing my housewifing experience.  so there's that.  hope it's been worth it.....

and for a bit of humor:  a joke...

what's the difference between a wife and a girlfriend?
about 45 pounds.
what's the difference between a husband and a boyfriend?
about 45 minutes.

iLove that joke.

up next:  tips and tricks from a chick who don't know shit!  :)  some helpful stuff  every lazy but loving wife and mother should know!