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I've been a working Mom, and I've been a stay-at-home Mom...... and working is easier! I've been a stay-at-home Mom for nearly 4 years and I am only NOW learning.... I'VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG! Each day, (well, most days anyway) I'll be attempting some mundane "housewife" duty that I'm not used to or has changed or that I've only just realized I've been doing wrong. I hope to entertain at least a few people and maybe help someone else who is going through what i'm going through....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Random thoughts.... by Mary's NOT Handy

~ I’m getting good at picking out curtains.  That’s not funny or witty…. Just true.  What I do is I find what’s on sale and figure out if I can make it work or not.  If not, then today is not the day to buy curtains.

~ Why is it that it takes all damn day to clean one or two rooms in the house, and a few minutes for the dogs, husband, and kids to make it look like I never touched it?  The only thing less fair is when you take 2 weeks to lose 5 pounds and put them back on in one weekend!  I’m gonna call a BULL-SHIT for housewives everywhere on this one!

~ Why on earth do I make these long “to-do” lists?  I’m lucky if I get half of it done!  And now I’ve wasted all that time writing.  Not to mention ink out of my favorite pen!

~ While we’re talking about favorite pens…. Mine is the Pilot G-2  .07.  When I lose this pen, I search for it for about 2 hours, go to the store and buy a new one, only to usually find it between the couch cushions or have my husband say “oh, I took it to school.  I thought it was mine.”  No you didn’t.  You don’t have one!  Turd.

~ I have been cleaning so much lately that I actually KNOW what cleaners I have and don’t have.  I went to look for the pledge the other day and couldn’t find it.  And I said “I KNOW I have some somewhere.”  This stopped me in my tracks!  Any other time I’d have said “I thought I had some.  Oh, well.  I’ll dust another day after I go buy some more.”  This is shocking to me since before I went so long in-between using cleaners (other than counter spray and dish soap) that I never rightly remembered what I had.

~ My desk has become a total mess.  And for once….iBlame my iPhone.  I do most computer stuff from my phone now.  But when there’s something I need to deal with later, I put it on my desk or have the kids do it.  So now here’s this mountain of stuff on my desk because I so rarely sit here.  (I’m typing around this pile right now).

~ REMINDER:  ALWAYS knock down the cobwebs BEFORE you vacuum.  This should be common sense… but had to be learned the hard way by yours truly. 

~ A word to the makers of the “steam in the bag” veggies.  I’m going to need something more specific than “10-15 minutes.”  There’s a lotta room in there to either scorch your veggies, or not get them done.  And they’re in a bag!  Not like on the stove where you can look at them or poke them to see if they’re done.  Once you cut into that bag, the magic of “steam in the bag” is gone and you can’t get it back.  That kind of magic is a once-per-bag kinda magic.

That is all for now. 

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